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Alachua Adult, Child and Family Guidance Center

Individual Therapy can help clients:

Become aware of aspects of yourself not previously acknowledged
Make decisions
With career guidance
Change behavior patterns
With Anxiety Issues
Improve relationships
With Depression
With Eating Disorders
With Divorce Issues
With forgivng yourself/forgiving others
With Bipolar Disorders
Face your fears
With Family of Origin Issues

Couples Therapy can help clients:

Improve communication and negotiating skills
Learn how you and your partner have changed over time in the relationship
Develop insight into your need for intimacy; how much you want and how to get it
Learn how to resolve conflicts positively and respectfully
Learn how to parent cooperatively
Get to know yourself and your partner better

Children and Adolescent Therapy can help clients:

Reduce children’s fears
With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
Reduce Anxiety
With School Performance Issues
Cope with Divorce Issues
Copie with Death
With Sibling Rivalry Issues
With Self Esteem Issues
With Parent-Child Relationship Issues
With Eating DisordersGroups

Food, Move and Mood Group is designed to motivate, educate and emotionally coach patients to a life tyle change.  The goal is healthy weight control.

Identity and Life Transition:

Group helps people move through life changes; divorce, death and new beginingsType your paragraph here.

Important Crisis Telephone Numbers

Crisis Center Alachua County (352) 264-6789

Florida Domestic Violence (800) 500-1119

Rape Crisis Hotline (352) 264-6760

National Suicide Hotline (800) 784-2433

Emergencies dial 911